In the Windows Phone GDR3 feature list, we mentioned that support for an extra row column  will be added in the start screen. This meant that you would able to fit three medium-sized square tiles in one row as opposed to the limit of two today. What was unclear until now was if this additional column will be for 1080p devices only or for 720p or WVGA devices as well.

No 3rd Column in Start for non-1080p Windows Phones

Well that confusion has been solved, thanks to Joe Belfiore’s recent tweet, where he confirmed that the extra column will be for windows phones with full HD displays only, for instance, the upcoming Lumia 1520. This also means popular Windows Phones like Lumia 920 or even Nokia’s flagship, Lumia 1020 will not get 3rd column in Start as they have 720p displays.

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